Use mopitup for these purposes - Mopitup Super-absorbent Sheets for Plumbers, Heating Engineers, Boiler engineers and DIY - Hi-tech protection against water spills, leaks and staining


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So.. What can you use mopitup for?.. Click the pictures below to find out..
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Uses for mopitup

What can you use mopitup for?

The answer is simple - you can use it for just about any job where there is the possibility of water damage to your customers' home, office or premises. mopitup is the tool that a conscientious plumber cannot afford to be without!

To see what mopitup can be used for, just see some of the examples above!

Why do you need mopitup?

For a plumber or heating engineer, an unexpected leak or spillage is always possible - it's an occupational hazard!

...and a little water can go a long way!

The potential damage and clearing up of any plumbing leak can certainly spoil your whole day and the customer's confidence in you and your company. But now there is a professional and economical way to avoid all this.

mopitup... the tool that makes plumbing less risky

mopitup is a unique product and a key plumbing tool that you'll never want to be without from now on - a 700mm x 370mm sheet of remarkable, very thin hi-tech material which captures and turns water into a non drip gel.

mopitup superabsorbent sheets can be used in many ways that makes life easier and less risky for any plumbing job.

Economical and cost effective

Safely and easily disposed of

Protects carpets and floors

Converts water into a non drip gel

One sheet absorbs up to 5 litres of water

Provides protection anywhere - even in difficult to get places

mopitup... for every kind of plumbing, DIY and home emergency clean-up job!


Keep a pack of mopitup handy for those little domestic emergencies!

Burst Pipes

When the water's squirting everywhere, you'll need to act FAST! Get out the mopitup!

Changing Radiators

Don't lose customers because you ruin their carpets! mopitup protects your reputation!

Fixing Leaks

Even a small leak can release a lot of water over time.... Time for mopitup!

Defrosting Freezers

You need something to absorb several litres of melting ice-water... and mopitup is Perfect!

Try mopitup now!

Don't just take our word for it! Order YOUR pack of mopitup TODAY with just a few clicks (and your credit/debit card) - it's EASY and secure!

Single pack - £2.76 per sheet!

5 sheets per pack - 25 litres of absorbency! £13.79 per pack exc VAT

mopitup - Super Absorbent Sheets for Plumbers and Heating Engineers

ONLY £16.55 including VAT

+ FREE delivery (within UK only)

Order more from £11.60 per pack!*

SAVE up to £23.65* The more you buy, the cheaper it gets! (* based on 9 packs)

mopitup - Super Absorbent Sheets for Plumbers and Heating Engineers

+ FREE delivery (within UK only)

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