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How it works...

mopitup... how it works

mopitup is a truly unique tool that protects your customers' property and your reputation. It may look like an ordinary, simple product - and when you use it, that's exactly what it is - simple to carry around, simple to use, simple to dispose of... but it really is...

...a bit of Technological Magic!

The material used in mopitup is very hi-tech and was originally invented for the medical profession. It is extensively used in health services and hospitals in numerous countries around the world. The mopitup version has been developed for use in commercial and industrial situations where leakage and spillage of water needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

mopitup - with Drip-Free design

mopitup consists of a special, very thin inner material with a porous surface on one side and a waterproof backing on the other. On contact with water the inner material transforms into a gel that captures the water. Each sheet will absorb an amazing 5 litres - and as each sheet can be used time and again whilst it has capacity, it is also highly economical and cost effective.

The gelled water is drip and spill-free and the two outer surfaces eliminate clear up time by acting as a strong "carrier bag" for disposal. As mopitup is made from proven and environmentally safe materials, this can be in normal household waste.

mopitup - Easily placed in inaccessible places...and the most hygienic solution for soiled water

mopitup can be used in any job where an escape of water is possible AND also where water needs to be mopped up or removed from blockages. You certainly won't want to remove soiled water with a wetvac or any other way once you've used mopitup.

mopitup - for large, wide-area protection. Use several sheets for very large areas

Up to now there hasn't been a reliable way to prepare for the unexpected. Dustsheets, plastic sheets, towels, trays, disposable nappies. None are reliable and none look very professional to the customer. But now there is mopitup.

Use mopitup in these situations

When repairing or moving radiators

Under boilers or hot tank drain offs

Beneath difficult to get at under-floor pipes

Under circulating pumps and U bends

Hold the fort whilst you get new parts

Remove waste water from blocked basins

Quickly clear up water spillages anywhere

Hygienically remove soiled water from blocked toilets

Hygienically remove soiled water from pipes or drains

Use more than one to cover and protect a large area

Use one sheet a number of times when capacity still exists

Order mopitup now..

Single pack - £2.76 per sheet!

5 sheets per pack - 25 litres of absorbency! £13.79 per pack exc VAT

mopitup - Super Absorbent Sheets for Plumbers and Heating Engineers

ONLY £16.55 including VAT

+ FREE delivery (within UK only)

Order more from £11.60 per pack!*

SAVE up to £23.65* The more you buy, the cheaper it gets! (* based on 9 packs)

mopitup - Super Absorbent Sheets for Plumbers and Heating Engineers

+ FREE delivery (within UK only)

Need larger quantities? Order boxes of 10 and 20 here

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